Renegade Gamer Radio
Episode 5

Episode 5

March 9, 2019

Sorry for all the delays and gaps between episodes, we're changing things up to hopefully address at least a few of the bottlenecks!


Renegade Gamers Podcast

   1/10/2019  (Episode Five)


Show Notes

  • INTRO:

Today is January 10, 2019 Episode 5 and Your Listening to the Renegade Gamers Radio Podcast!  Where we met through our love of Ark and stayed together for our love of Gaming. Come game with us and post shitty memes in our CPR Discord. Links will be in the description.

  • Introductions
    • Today we have:








    • Main Topics (Please add any Topics you wish to talk about)




Ematai: Haven’t tried it yet but am excited to soon!





      • Experience thus far
      • Base Build
      • Happy accidents


  • PVE Experience in Atlas
  • Problems we’ve run into


  • Played very little.
  • Will not have much to say about it.
  • Plan to play more after Gunsmoke gets boring WHICH IS NEVER!



  • Heat



    • New survival game HEAT



  • Ark


Ematai: GS & Rag cave!

CJ: GS ALL Gunsmoke



GS I love it maybe next season or after Atlas

  • Other Podcasts you guys have been listening 2

Blue: Leviathan Chronicles

Made in 2008, it’s a audio drama

CJ: For the gaming addicts: Orange Lounge Radio -
     For the Techy Geeky: TWIT network -

**CJ is going to cut out here as I need my sleep it’s midnight and I’m waking up at 5:40 tomorrow morning**

Ty for coming bud



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Come game with us!


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Bonus Episode - Gunsmoke RP!

Bonus Episode - Gunsmoke RP!

February 10, 2019

Show Notes

  • INTRO (Cyberjudge):

Today is February 8, 2019 and You’re Listening to a bonus episode of the Renegade Gamers Radio Podcast!  Where we met through our love of Ark and stayed together for our love of Gaming. Come game with us and post shitty memes in our CPR Discord. Links will be in the description. Today’s episode will be a special bonus episode entirely focussed on the Modded Ark RP server Gunsmoke.


(Not sure if we should add this disclaimer since we are doing this on our own without the knowledge of the Gunsmoke Team)

Disclaimer: This podcast is not sanctioned by the moderators or Administrators of the Gunsmoke RP community. This podcast is simply just a group of the players coming together to talk about Gunsmoke. The views and opinions on the show do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Wild Card Games, The Gunsmoke RP community, or others in Cross Platform Renegades.



  • Host Introductions (Each Host will introduce themselves in the order listed here please add your info below)


    • Name: Cyberjudge
      GS Character: Rinaldo Sunsetwanderer (Rin)
      Class: Blacksmith
      # Seasons in GS: 2.1, I started gunsmoke at the end of season 2 as CJ Optimus a gunsmith. At the start of Season 4 I re-rolled to be Rinaldo.
      Twitter: @cjoptimus (
      Twitch: cyberjudge (


    • Name: Girlgonerogue
      GS character: June Doogal
      Class: Doctor
      # Of seasons GS: 3 (I think): I started ⅓ to halfway through S2, played S3, and S4 changing classes each time XD


  • Name: xRogue_Angelx

GS Character: Randy MF Morrison

Class: Wrangler / Donkey Tickler

# Seasons in GS: S4

  • Name: DieselEffect
    GS Character: JT Autumn
    Class: The Carpenter
    # Seasons in GS: 1 - Someone made me play. I thought it was going to be stupid.

Now I’m addicted.
Twitter: @DieselEffect (
Twitch: DieselEffect (


  • Name: Scarlettefury

GS Character: Aubrie Collins

Class: Wrangler

# Seasons in GS: One.


  • Name: Seiji
    Character: Sage Castillo
    Class: Black Smith
    # seasons: Joined tail end of season 3, played all of 4


  • Name: Bigblueb

GS Character: Spudwick Blue

Class: Gunsmith

# Seasons in GS: 1- Joined with plans to be naughty bandits but in the end I fell into a deep slumber dreaming of Pirates.


  • What is Gunsmoke (xRogue_Angelx)


What is Gunsmoke? Gunsmoke is an immersive Role-Playing server built using the game Ark: Survival Evolved, it utilizes a custom built map and is heavily modded to build an immersive world set in the untamed wild west of the late 1800s in the county of “Gunsmoke” Colorado. Every character is required to build a back story of who they are, where they come from, and why they are entering the county. From the time you step off the train everything that happens to your character is “your” story and is completely up to you and the interactions with the other players in game.



  • Main Topics (Please add any Topics you wish to talk about)


    • Favorite Story involving your character of the Season


      • DieselEffect - Meeting June after JT found the pile of dead goats under her sign at her parent’s place, which ultimately was the turning point for the season for JT, Randy, Rin & Emma Lee.


      • Scarlettefury - Prospecting with Rin and Randy (being “proposed to”)


      • Cyberjudge - So my favorite part about this Season was the total 360 I had to do with Rinaldo from the start of the season. Rin was supposed to slowly fall back to being a bandit with his gang from NY known as the Renegades. Fortunately RP events occured that saw Rin moving from his secluded building where the Renegades did all there planning to join Randy and JT. Being brought in to the Not Town community and the fact there were so many other bandits around this season made Rin realize he didn’t want to go back to that life he left in NY, but rather embrace a new opportunity and become a bounty hunter alongside his new pals JT and Randy.



      • Round Table discussion about the season in general


  • I feel like this is the round table discussion


    • Season Ending Story and RP discussion

      • Cyberjudge - I still maintain the idea, though it ended in a not so great way was a fantastic idea. The mods and admins did a fantastic job role playing thugs. I was very disappointed (I think like most) to see the direction it took and that it ended with many people not happy.

        • I would have liked to see the role of the thugs escalate a little slower.
        • I didn’t agree with god mode being used by one admin. That I think was the initial thing that caused the situation to escalate so quick.
        • The killer dogs may have been introduced slower. Like the mad cows in the season 2 ending, start with a handful of slightly stronger dogs and then increase as the days went on.
        • Less verbal abuse to the citizens. I really do feel that when Ms. D Matters threatened the boy on the roof, that added to the already escalating tensions between the thugs and citizens.


      • DieselEffect - Agrees with CJ’s opening statement. I believe the dogs level was a major contributor to the failed RP.


  • Girlgonerogue- denies on all accounts XD that’s ok though - will elaborate later
    • What advice would you give those who are interested in playing GS but are on the fence?

      • Cyberjudge

        • Don’t be afraid to give it a try. When I started in gunsmoke I was concerned. I had watch many streams of people playing and thought “I don’t have acting ability, I’m going to be horrible”. I was also concerned about the requirement to use voice to communicate rather than typing chat. I’m generally more on the shy side, so talking to people I’ve never met is a challenge.
        • Don’t be concerned about time restraints. Just play as you can. I was concerned that with working full time and being a parent of 3 children I would not have enough time to dedicate to gunsmoke to be successful. This has proven not to be the case and the others playing in gunsmoke are very understanding.
      • DieselEffect
        • Get in there and check it out. Pick a class that interests you and go from there. The interaction with other players is what makes the game unique from any ARK you may have played before. It’s not going to be for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a shot. If you’re really against “acting”, just be yourself. In time you may be able to ease yourself into the understanding that your GS character is separate from your real life self and the “acting” part comes natural. It’s just a lot of fun in general, and this is coming from someone who has not done ANY RP previously and was definitely on the fence before joining.
      • Girlgonerogue: Meet EVERYONE….. yes.


    • What is next for you character in season 5?

      • Cyberjudge - Rinaldo will be back, he will continue his new found attitude, being more friendly and focus on possibly a new venture that utilizes his knowledge he gained from his past for good.
      • Girlgonerogue: June will definately be back~! She has so much more story left to tell. She has her whole new life with Marty to delve into, plus with her dad leaving (along with many other doctors) there is going to be a lot of doctoring to be done. Along with many other surprises and plot twists to be uncovered.
      • Scarlettefury: Aubrie has a lot more of her story to finish, she has two paths she could follow: follow her dark, criminal-ridden past, or try to find happiness in a new place.
      • DieselEffect - JT had a rocky time in his time away from GS between seasons but he will return, and he will likely be a bit different from this past season. What happened to him will remain a mystery, but I’m sure he will be happy to be reunited his new-found family in Gunsmoke County. JT will be looking to outdo his creative mind from the past season in the carpentry department as well.

--Extra Topics if time permits-- TIME DOES NOT PERMIT :)

    • What changes do you think we will see for Season 5?

      • Cyberjudge - I have a feeling we will either see a completely new map, or the existing map heavily modified to make Season 5 feel “new”.
      • DieselEffect - It’s been confirmed that there will be no map changes THIS time but next time there may be. I have no idea what changes we will see but I’d love to see more clothing options.


      • Girlgonerogue: I think we will see Jewelry (hopefully) - or something to do with Gemstones. I think we will see changes to the map - I don’t know about a new map entirely - but there will be changes

I HOPE there is more things added for Doctors, maybe as well gunsmiths
S5 is going to have way more player activity for many reasons I think.


    • If you had to pick a theme song for your character, what would it be and Why?

      • Girlgonerogue: Depends on the point in time during the season XD: Definitely “I’m me” by Us the Duo, at the beginning of the season.


      • Cyberjudge: Lost Boys by Ruth B. The song’s lyrics may not be true to Rin but, I was lonely from time to time until Randy and JT brought us over to Not Town. So Randy and JT can decide who is Peter Pan and Not town can be Neverland. Also I’m a lost boy because I never know where I’m going.


      • xRogue_Angelx: “Should’ve been a cowboy” by Toby Keith
      • DieselEffect: “Hall of Fame” by The Script, because let’s face it, JT wakes up in the morning and urinates excellence and then proceeds to turn everything he touches into gold. He’s a true champion. Maybe I’m bias? Oh, yeah, and “I’m So Humble” by The Lonely Island.
      • Scarlettefury: Either “Let Em Come (Redux) by Scroobious Pip, or “Like Me Broken” by Ben Schuller

OUTRO (Scarlettefury)

Renegade Gamers Radio puts out a podcast twice a month! Stay informed and get involved with the group by joining us in our Discord. The link will be at the bottom of the show notes. You can also email us at If you would like to join us on the Gunsmoke server, all you need to do is think of a cool character backstory that fits the time period (1800s wild west), and then visit to read the server rules and apply to join. Applications are generally approved within a weeks time, however approvals are dependant on the moderators availability. Be patient as they mods and admins are all volunteering their time.

Thanks for listening and come game with us!

Link to join Discord:

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