Renegade Gamer Radio

Episode 5

March 9, 2019

Sorry for all the delays and gaps between episodes, we're changing things up to hopefully address at least a few of the bottlenecks!


Renegade Gamers Podcast

   1/10/2019  (Episode Five)


Show Notes

  • INTRO:

Today is January 10, 2019 Episode 5 and Your Listening to the Renegade Gamers Radio Podcast!  Where we met through our love of Ark and stayed together for our love of Gaming. Come game with us and post shitty memes in our CPR Discord. Links will be in the description.

  • Introductions
    • Today we have:








    • Main Topics (Please add any Topics you wish to talk about)




Ematai: Haven’t tried it yet but am excited to soon!





      • Experience thus far
      • Base Build
      • Happy accidents


  • PVE Experience in Atlas
  • Problems we’ve run into


  • Played very little.
  • Will not have much to say about it.
  • Plan to play more after Gunsmoke gets boring WHICH IS NEVER!



  • Heat



    • New survival game HEAT



  • Ark


Ematai: GS & Rag cave!

CJ: GS ALL Gunsmoke



GS I love it maybe next season or after Atlas

  • Other Podcasts you guys have been listening 2

Blue: Leviathan Chronicles

Made in 2008, it’s a audio drama

CJ: For the gaming addicts: Orange Lounge Radio -
     For the Techy Geeky: TWIT network -

**CJ is going to cut out here as I need my sleep it’s midnight and I’m waking up at 5:40 tomorrow morning**

Ty for coming bud



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